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August 10, 2003

Freak Out!

In his "farewell speech," you'd think Charles Taylor was pandering to a particular audience or something.

MONROVIA, Liberia - President Charles Taylor delivered a farewell address Sunday to a nation bloodied by 14 years of war, declaring himself "the sacrificial lamb" to end what he said was a U.S.-backed rebel war against his besieged regime.


He accused the United States of arming Liberia (news - web sites)'s rebels, calling it an "American war" and suggesting it was motivated by U.S. eagerness for Liberia's gold, diamonds and other reserves.

Chuck thinks we want to plunder his booty.

Taylor, sitting solemnly with folded hands, recorded the address in front of a Liberian flag at his home, for broadcast on the evening before he was to hand power to Vice President Moses Blah at one minute before noon (7:59 a.m. EDT) on Monday.

Vice President Blah? We had one like that in our previous administration. No wonder Liberia is suffering.

Fighting since then has left more than 100,000 Liberians dead. International aid agencies estimate virtually all of Liberia's roughly 3 million people have been chased from their home by war, at one time or another, under Taylor.

His rag-tag forces, paid by looting, are accused by rights groups and Liberia's people of routine raping, robbing, torture, forced labor and summary killings. Rebels, to a lesser extent so far, likewise are accused of abuse.


Perhaps crucially, Taylor made no direct mention of his promise to leave Liberia. Closing his speech, he declared: "I will always remember you wherever I am, and I say, God willing, I will be back."

Thanks for the memories, Chuckles. We'll always have your future Jesus complex speeches to look forward to!

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Grampa Joe

Ah-nuld has a nasty Nazi past. Mark Steyn explains:

His wife's grandfather, Joe Kennedy, was one of America's most prominent Nazi sympathisers.

Oh, wait. That's not the Nazi family ties the Dems had in mind?

Sum-bitch! There's one more avenue closed to the California Democrats hatchet-men. How are those rascals going to beat Ah-nuld?

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August 09, 2003

The Billionaire Boys Club

When I heard that billionaire George Soros was going to pony up $10 million dollars to aid in toppling George Bush, I thought to myself, "Hey! Good thing he's donating that money to the correct party. Otherwise, he'd get eaten alive by the Party of the People."

Just kinda venting there.

But if you want a big ol' juicy post on political money donations, then you just get on over to John Cole's. He easily has the best blog post I've read all week.

[Via Country Store]

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Just Another Stunning Endorsement

Ok, so this is old, but it's going to be an instant classic: Hezbollah supports a Democratic victory in the 2004 election.

The resistance movement [against the U.S. in Iraq] may not be able to remove the U.S. from Iraq within a year, but it will be able to remove Bush, [Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld and [National Security Adviser] Condoleezza Rice, together with their Zionist friends, from the White House," Nasrallah assured his listeners. Nasrallah's scenario requires no deep understanding: Suicide attacks and sabotage operations against the American forces in Iraq will cause American public opinion to turn against the president and not re-elect him, thus bringing about the disappearance of this group of leaders from the White House.

Well, I should sayit this way I suppose: Hezbollah supports any Democrat except for Joe Lieberman.

[Via LGF]

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Me and My 9-lb Hammer

I'll be in the sweet, sunny outdoors tomorrow taking in a local bluegrass festival.


Update: It was great.

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Big, Bad Old U. S. of A.

By removing Saddam from power -- a task that the UN seemingly had absolutely no interest in -- the United States was derided by the world "community" as being a bunch of unilateral imperialists.

Well, guess what? Liberia is a fucking mess. And guess who's coming to beg for some of that good ol' US military might.

As President Charles G. Taylor edges closer to leaving Liberia, meeting one of President Bush's conditions for a greater American military role, Pentagon officials say they are firmly resisting any significant expansion of the small contingent of American forces already sent ashore.

But amid rising pressure from Kofi Annan, the United Nations secretary general, and from African and European allies, Mr. Bush now faces a decision on whether to send in a larger force to help secure the port and the capital, Monrovia, and open up relief corridors.

Huh. So they do need us, eh?

If you've been reading my posts for very long, you know that I don't like to put too fine of a point on anything, so I'll be blunt: grow a set Kofi, you prick. Call on some of your more favorite member nations for some help. President Bush has already pledged ours, long before this cry for American security forces.

This is just a suggestion, so feel free to do with it what you will: Maybe you can luck out and get TotalFina Elf involved. That way you'll have captured France's full attention.


So the US pledged their support to Liberia moons ago. Cool. Evidently it's still not good enough.

The past weeks of waffling in Washington over what role, if any, U.S. forces would play in bringing peace to Liberia has sorely eroded America's credibility in West Africa, a region that is supplying an increasing amount of oil to the United States. Besides calling for Taylor to leave the country and helicoptering in approximately a half-dozen Marines, President Bush has failed to adequately handle a humanitarian crisis in which timely and decisive American action could have saved countless lives.

In Iraq we "rushed" to war. It took us ten whole years of dilly-dallying to finally bust Saddam out of power.

Now we're all indecisive about what course to take.

Jeebus. These international types bitch about pace more than an ex-girlfriend.

I give up.

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August 08, 2003

The Bozworth School of Mouth Flapping

Jeremy Shockey called Bill Parcells a "homo" in a recent interview.

The New York Giants tight end ripped into new Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, calling him a "homo" among other comments in an upcoming story for New York magazine, the New York Daily News reported Friday.

"Let's see how much Parcells wins this year," Shockey is quoted as saying about the former Giants coach in the magazine issue that will be released Monday. "I'll make him pay when we play them. The homo."

Uh-huh. Anyway, Shockey is walking a thin line, and I don't believe that he knows it. Bill Parcells is revered in New York, and as iconic as any figure in Giants history. Given the chance, New York fans will take Parcells over the young tight end any day of the week. And believe me, that won't turn out well for the young lad.

Later in the link, we enter Bozworth Territory.

Shockey also seem bothered by comments Parcells made about him when the coach was a TV commentator. "All my buddies are like, 'Why's he dogging you?'" Shockey told the magazine. According to Shockey, they'd say, "After you catch a pass on him this year, you oughtta throw it right at his fat head!"

Give it a shot, son. I double dog dare you.

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August 07, 2003

Talkin' 'bout Animosity

It's hard to say the last time the citizens of New York City were this thrilled to be waving goodbye to someone.

If there's an overriding sentiment among New York baseball fans about the legacy of Benitez, it would be this: Good riddance.

They won't miss him in Brooklyn, they won't miss him in the Bronx, they won't miss him in Queens, and it's a pretty good bet they won't miss him any place east of Seattle.

Considering Benitez spent approximately three weeks with the Yankees, he may have set a new record for Fastest Fan Animosity Toward a Player. He didn't even have a chance to pitch poorly (he had a 1.93 ERA while in pinstripes), and Yankees fans will remember him as a poor pitcher.

"I'd trade Benitez for a new Volkswagen," said Dan Schadelbauer, from Commack, who sat at a table outside Nathan's. "He's not going to be missed."

Nelson? He's 36 years old. Does he have anything left? "He's got more left than Benitez," Schadelbauer said. "Don Larsen has more left than Benitez."

You'd think that the Yankees had just traded Boss Tweed out of town or something.

Even the psychics are a bit shaky on the subject.

"I think we should have given him more of a shot," said Sylvia Ruiz, who is from Bay Ridge and works as a psychic on Surf Avenue. Asked to forecast Benitez's future, she said, "I'm going to have to charge you."

Which might wind up being the tagline for Benitez's New York baseball career.

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The West Nile File

The West Nile virus is spreading at an alarming rate. At least my community is on top of it, and pouring over every squirrel carcass in the street.

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He Is A Nobody

Former South Dakota senator Jimmy Abourezk is showing his thin skin and suing a blog.

And now the InstaPundit has picked up on it:

My prediction: when it's over, Abourezk will be out some money, and those few who remember him will say "Oh, yeah, the 'traitor' guy." Not much of a capstone for a political career, but some will regard it as fitting, in a way.

As a West River boy by birth, let me say this: Glenn, you have no idea how "over" this clown the the residents of South Dakota are.

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Conan the Governor

Hmm. I guess that I really didn't know anything about Ah-nuld.

Mr. Schwarzenegger came to America in 1968 at age 21 with little money and even less English. After winning bodybuilding contests, he took $28,000 in savings and began a real-estate empire. Today he owns shopping malls, a Boeing 747 that he leases to an airline, and chunks of Santa Monica. He earned an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, and married Maria Shriver, a niece of JFK. He pulled down $30 million for "Terminator 3." Last year, his initiative to set up after-school programs in every California school won 50 out of 53 Congressional districts and was endorsed by taxpayer groups because it relies on revenues from natural economic growth rather than higher taxes.


His support of abortion rights and gay adoption will give social conservatives heartburn. But many so badly want a winner that they could give the Terminator a pass if he shows respect for their views. "If he half-tries to come our way and keeps his word, many pro-family voters will go for him," says Gerry Snyder, chair of the California Family Council. "But they need signals." They're starting. The actor has told his friend Rep. Dana Rohrabacher that he opposes partial-birth abortion and backs the Boy Scouts' right to set private standards for membership. While he supports the state's ban on assault weapons, he has opposed strict gun controls. His advisers hint he wants to restore a limit on state spending that was removed in 1990.


Some critics charge that, unlike Mr. Reagan, Mr. Schwarzenegger has no clear ideology. While known as "Conan the Republican," he didn't alienate Hollywood with overt philosophical combat. But there is abundant evidence he has clear beliefs: call him a compassionate libertarian. Rep. Ed Royce remembers him attending many dinners of the libertarian Reason Foundation. When Milton Friedman's PBS series "Free to Choose" was reissued in 1991, Mr. Schwarzengger jumped at the chance to introduce a show he said "changed my life." "I come from Austria, a socialistic country. There you can hear 18-year-olds talking about their pension. But me, I wanted more. I wanted to be the best," he told viewers. "Individualism like that is incompatible with socialism. I felt I had to come to America, where the government wasn't always breathing down your neck or standing on your shoes."

While he has given countless copies of "Free to Choose" to friends, his free-market views have been leavened by his belief that "government should ensure a fair start and fair competition for all." He attended fund-raisers for "bleeding-heart conservative" Jack Kemp in 1988, even though George H.W. Bush was the frontrunner for president. But relations with the Bush clan are tight. The White House cleared the way for him to rally U.S. troops in Iraq this month and beam priceless footage back to California.

Very interesting. To echo Lee, he's going to make a great governor.

For all of your California recall news, make sure you visit Lee's site daily, since where else will we be able to catch Terry McAuliffe (who still has a job how, exactly?) in a ghastly blunder of the tongue.

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It's "Goliath"

Sweet Jeebus, this white-tail must be seen to be believed.

50 to 60 points on that rack! What a spectacular animal.

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August 06, 2003

Oh, THAT Liberal Media

While fluffling his pillow this week, the mainstream press totally ignored the dicey segregationist past of Fritz Hollings.

Remind me why I'm not surprised.

[Via Henry Hanks]

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And So It Begins

Ah-nuld is in the race.

God, this is going to be so much fun! Even Gary Coleman is running, not to mention a porn star and the wheelchair riding wattle of flesh known as Larry Flynt.

Heh, there isn't even a high profile Democrat entered yet.

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The Police Beat

If it's Wednesday, it's my town's police beat, published in the weekly dead tree edition! (No link available, so they're typed word for word from the paper.) There were 166 calls to the PD last week, and these are the juciest.

Monday, July 28: 5:26 p.m. Caller from the 200 block of Cedar Street advised that he would like to talk to an officer about not being able to do business with anyone in (town) other than Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, July 30: 8:02 a.m.
Caller from Third Street advised of a young girl sitting on the sidewalk in front of Morfords. Caller stated this has made the second day she's been there and she just doesn't seem right.

Friday, August 1: 12:10 p.m.
Caller from the 200 block of (ed: address withheld) advised of a man passed out in the driveway of the above location. Caller stated she can't leave or she'll run over him.

Saturday, August 2: 2:53 p.m.
Caller from the 700 block of Fourth Street advised that he would like to talk to an officer about a forced entry at the above location. Caller also advised there was a dead, flattened squirrel in his back yard.

As you can tell from my posts, dead squirrels are a real problem in this community.

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